About Us

Our vision

By building strong respectful relationships and understanding our customers’ needs, we add value to your business and to your people.


It’s fundamental; it’s at the core of what we do.

Our story

A success story that started with one man, one computer and one belief: that you can drive the business outcomes you want by engineering technology.

Dane Bignell started Intuit Technologies in 1996. Fresh out of high school and back at the family farm in Tasmania, he quickly realised building cattle yards and farm life was not for him. It was then a lucky coincidence struck.

His father wanted a computer. Looking for any opportunity for a break from rural duties, Dane took it upon himself to find and purchase one. Long before the technology industry had taken off and with a dearth of IT shops, Dane travelled the long distance into Hobart to source this computer.

Having left high school with no working knowledge of computers, yet fascinated with the notion of what they could do, he was determined to understand the inner workings and build it himself. He bought all the different components and through trial and error, successfully built and sold his first computers. And this is how Intuit Technologies was born.

Dane Bignell Portrait
Photo of Intuit Office Locations

Soon orders became consistent, and Intuit Technologies’ services expanded.

Dane went on to receive his qualifications in Information Systems, grow his team and started forming long-term vendor and client relationships.


Fast forward 25 years, and Intuit Technologies has grown from one man building a computer, to a team of over 170 across five offices building the right ICT ecosystem for businesses across many industries, working with a multitude of vendors.


All underpinned by the unrelenting belief that the right ICT solution can engineer better business outcomes and that Intuit Technologies has the skills, access and networks to turn your ICT investment into a business strength. All while ensuring you receive the exceptional service you deserve.


Looking to the future…


Dane is just as determined to build his team and their skills to ensure they’re always a step ahead. To build new and enhanced services to help create the right ICT infrastructure for your business so you can build the future you want.