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Case Study: Forico

The Client: Forico

As Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company, Forico represents the transition into a new era for plantation forestry in Tasmania. Forico is focused on developing quality, healthy, innovative and sustainable plantation forestry practices.

The Challenge

Forico evolved out of the collapse of the Tasmanian timber company Gunns in 2014. The slow collapse of Gunns meant that the company’s IT architecture had remained unchanged, leaving an ageing infrastructure that was incorrectly scaled. With the ever-present chance of infrastructure failure and unnecessarily high operating costs, Forico was faced with an unacceptable amount of corporate risk.

In 2015, Forico began to reshape their technology to match their new business model and leverage newly available technologies. After going to tender for their business transformation project, Intuit Technologies along with Telstra were selected as the partners of choice.

The Goal

The objectives of the transformation were numerous. To redesign the ICT architecture to suit 65 employees – versus the 1200 originally supported – whilst ensuring all stakeholders and systems at play were considered and their requirements addressed. In addition, this transformation was to be achieved with minimal disruption to the business.


Intuit Technologies employed a tailored version of PRINCE2 (a de-facto process-based method for project management), with an overarching project board dealing with project exceptions generated by the various project teams.

To ensure transparency and the most up to date communication, project teams met weekly, with stakeholders to brief them on the latest developments. This two-way communication and transparency throughout the process was a key factor that contributed to the success of this project.

The Forico transformation project also represented the beginning of a new partnership between Intuit Technologies and Telstra. In this partnership we provide professional services to help clients transition from their traditional on-premise, capital-intensive data centres into Telstra Cloud IaaS offerings, running on consumptive operational expenditure pricing models.

The Outcome

This project was successfully implemented by Intuit Technologies, in conjunction with Telstra. An updated IT infrastructure was designed and implemented giving Forico the digital infrastructure best suited to their new business model. Other beneficial outcomes included time and cost efficiencies and new technology, helping to deliver better business outcomes.