Case Study: TASSAL

The Client: TASSAL

Tassal is a market leader and has been producing Atlantic salmon in Australia for over 25 years. Employing over 800 people, they’ve grown from a privately-owned operation to a major public company listed on the ASX in November 2003.

The Challenge

The challenge at Tassal was to ensure sustainable salmon production in the face of significant business growth without sacrificing quality, safety or efficiency.

Tassal needed to invest in new infrastructure and technologies in order to make better business decisions based on more accurate information. Their operations were limited regarding access to information, especially information collected from below the water. Tassal realised that in order to support their goals of business growth and sustainable production, it was vital to have accurate information through the entire operation from hatcheries to harvest.

The Goal

To achieve operational excellence while protecting its core values around zero harm quality community and environment. And to have IT systems that can scale with their growth while providing them with the control they need.


Intuit Technologies employed a tailored version of PRINCE2 (a de-facto process-based method for project management), with an overarching project board dealing with project exceptions generated by the various project teams.

The key to success was creating an IT infrastructure with the right components, regardless of brand. Leveraging the newest technologies from Intel, Dell EMC and others, we created a solution that worked across the relevant divisions to collect information with the control and agility desired by Tassal.

The Outcome

The development of technologies in the Internet of Things has enabled Tassal to have an average lease that comprises 20 salmon pens each holding up to 20,000 salmon. It has also reduced feeding costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars via our ICT system design and implementation.

Automated and enhanced data gathering processes have also been implemented. These pen areas now have a central barge that controls automatic feeding and collects information about the pens’ environments including oxygen temperature and tidal flows.

This technology has enabled Tassal to not only increase productivity but also collect data for better decision-making, ultimately helping them to achieve their goal of sustainable salmon production and increased business efficiencies.

Overall, our ICT strategy for TASSAL has delivered benefits beyond the ones above. From business performance gains, quicker data processing times through to significant operational improvements and more. All of which work cohesively to support and deliver better business outcomes for TASSAL now and in the future.

Intuit's attention to detail ensures that they get the right outcome for us as clients. Rarely do I come across business partners that go the extra mile like Intuit does. In fact, I can say that they were more concerned about getting the right outcome for us, their clients, rather than being constrained by the contract.

– Tassal Tasmanian Salmon