COVID-19: Business continuity

Like many organisations, Intuit Technologies has the potential to be impacted by COVID-19 and as a result are taking steps to mitigate against the possible quarantining or loss of staff due to the impact of the illness.

We have provided staff with guidelines based around health department advice:

    • Guidance around hand cleanliness and the use of hand sanitisers.
    • General cleanliness practices.
    • Avoidance of intimate contact where possible.


We have procured and made available disposable gloves and hand sanitisers and placed them in company vehicles to reinforce the importance of hygiene.

We have in place a quarantining process for anyone traveling through a designated hot-spot (a watching brief is maintained.)

International travel has been put on hold for any work related commitments. Staff are advised to inform the organisation of any personal plans to travel.

Domestic travel is now limited to essential travel only with executive approval.

We now have 5 locations we operate from, offering a reasonable geographic spread.

In addition to these general steps, Intuit Technologies has recently undertaken a review of the working from home policy. With a significant portion of our work able to be completed remotely, this remains an option for us to maintain operations, particularly for those quarantined and not feeling the impact of the virus.

While Intuit Technologies will be subject to the potential for supply delays as much as anyone else, we do maintain a buffer stock of equipment which should alleviate emergency requirements to an extent. With customer agreement, we can provide for specific requirements and hold stock, or place advance orders. Having just supplemented our private cloud within the last fortnight, we have sufficient resources in our cloud infrastructure for our existing customer base for quite some time.