Second Annual Women in ICT Dinner

Business Transformation Seminar 2018 kicked off with the Tasmanian Women in ICT Dinner, this year held at Kwan Ho and co-hosted by Jenny Bignell from Intuit Technologies and Angela Fox, Senior Vice President, Commercial and Public Sector, Dell EMC Australia and New Zealand. The dinner is a great opportunity for Tasmanian women working in ICT to catch up outside of the workplace, network with industry colleagues and learn from each other.

A vocal advocate for career success, Angela Fox is passionate about the mentoring, advocacy and sponsorship of women in IT, having experienced first-hand the success these relationships manifest. She leads Dell’s Women in IT Executive Mentoring (DELL WITEM) program, which recently celebrated its 12th anniversary, and is an executive sponsor for the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN). Now in its second year, Intuit Technologies is committed to supporting this industry initiative as part of the Business Transformation Seminar Program.

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