Our services

  • A clear and well-defined ICT roadmap

    Supporting your business today and tomorrow.

  • A complete end-to-end IT strategy

    Our wide breadth of expertise means we’re the only ICT partner you need.

  • Reap the reward of our relationships

    Leverage our network of product and finance providers.

  • Bespoke services designed for you

    We construct and deliver ICT transformation according to your needs.

  • Healthier business outcomes

    Increase operational efficiencies, save time and reduce costs.


At Intuit Technologies, our consulting process evaluates and treats your business as a whole, looking at how each element in your ICT infrastructure can impact your overall operations. We will work with you to design a road map to provide an end to end solution ensuring a smooth transition, transparent costs, operational efficiency, best practice and industry compliance.


Our approach to consulting not only directs and supports, it also gives you the ability to make informed decisions when choosing the right technology to support the direction of your business now and moving forward.

  • We consult on:

    • Cloud Strategy
    • ICT Transformation
    • Technology Advisory, Strategy & Governance
    • Emerging Market Trends
    • Licensing Implications & Opportunities
    • Ownership Cost Analysis
    • Technology Integration
    • Cybersecurity & more

Procurement & logistics

Our enterprise scale and vast vendor network, combined with our extensive knowledge across all areas of ICT, means we are your ideal end-to-end partner and a single point of contact for all your procurement needs. Our buying power helps you make the most of your ICT infrastructure.


Our expertise means you can be sure the technology you procure is dynamic and cutting-edge. The result: a market-leading ICT system that provides your business with better outcomes.


With Intuit Technologies you have choice, quick deployment, independent guidance and buying power you won’t find elsewhere due to the strength of our long-term relationships with vendors. With our e-commerce procurement platform, you have around the clock access to place orders. Our team will work with you to establish your requirements, find the right solution and leverage our network to deliver what you need, and the ability to finance it if needed.

  • Our procurement services include:

    • Hardware & Software
    • Personal Devices
    • Technology Financing
    • Warehousing
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Budget Forecasting
    • Asset Renewals

Project services

Intuit Technologies is the only partner you need when coordinating business projects or devising specific programs of work.


Our breadth of knowledge across the multitude of domains that comprise ICT can provide you with expertise and knowledge as and when you need. Whether it’s specialised teams or unique skills you require, or an objective that needs fulfilling, we can help.


Our reputation as agile, responsive, accessible and trusted means we are respected by vendors, partners and customers. We help you to control project costs, fill a skills or capabilities and fast-track project outcomes.

Project Management
  • Our project services include:

    • Cloud Migration
    • Project Management
    • Deployment Services
    • Infrastructure as a Service

Managed services

Our managed services can take care of your ICT infrastructure, giving you peace of mind about your systems, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.


When you choose Intuit Technologies you’re saying yes to maximum uptime, exceptional user experience, access to newer and relevant technologies, trained and skilled staff, plus the most robust and advanced cybersecurity measures available.

  • Our managed services include:

    • Cloud Management
    • Network Management
    • Network Monitoring
    • Backup & Disaster Recovery
    • Business Continuity
    • Service Desk
    • Network Security
    • Cloud Backup
    • Mobile Device Management


With Intuit Technologies you can find the right person to help you meet your ongoing technology needs. Whether it’s a specific short-term role, or a long-term project requirement, we can help. Whatever the location, or the type of ICT role, Intuit Technologies has access to the right resources for you.


Our vendors can provide you with the resources required to ensure your ICT ecosystem is created and maintained with maximum efficiency and in line with your goals.


At Intuit Technologies, we provide staff outplacement services to ensure the roles necessary for your organisation are filled. For example, you may need an office-based Network Specialist one day a week, or perhaps you need a project team to meet short-term demand. Whatever the requirement, Intuit Technologies can help.

  • Our resourcing services:

    • Our vendor-representative resource services are currently available all through Tasmania.
    • Our staff outplacement services are available throughout Tasmania and Victoria.