Tas Networks Awards

Intuit Technologies, alongside TasNetworks, has been awarded Best ICT Partnership in recognition of organisations who have developed and deliver on a partnership that benefits the Tasmanian ICT industry in 2020.

During the initial phases of the Covid-19 pandemic TasNetworks moved rapidly to enable a working from home capability for its state-wide workforce. In order to achieve business and IT service continuity TasNetworks IT leveraged its strong relationship with locally-owned partner Intuit Technologies to ensure that its workforce could continue to supply and support the delivery of energy to the Tasmanian community.  The required outcome was an agile transition from the existing largely office-based workforce, to a technology architecture capable of supporting a dramatic increase in remote working and secure remote network access.

“Similar to many other organisations, it was critical TasNetworks was able to transition to an operationally sustainable, secure and supportable ‘working from home’ environment as quickly as possible and with minimal business impact,” said TasNetworks Information Technology Leader Nigel Bailey. “The rapid and seamless response from Intuit Technologies was a major factor in this being achieved in a remarkably short timeframe.”

“TasNetworks and Intuit Technologies implemented an approach to expedite delivery whilst maintaining rigour around service delivery and optimal commercial outcomes for both parties,” said Dane Bignell, Managing Director of Intuit Technologies. “Local partnerships remain incredibly important to us, both here in Tasmania and on the ground in other states as we expand. We remain committed to our Tasmanian heritage and the spirit of partnership we have developed here that is so uniquely island-bred.”

Further information on the 2020 Excellence Awards is available on the TasICT website, here.