The Possabilities are endless as Bluewater Control proves telecom cost control and efficiency!

Our new partner, Bluewater Control, which provides a mobility lifecycle and telecom expense management solution all in one platform, has recently started supporting one our key clients, the Possability Group, here in Tasmania.

Bluewater’s platform enables organisations to gain control and visibility over all their mobile and fixed telecom investments, saving them time and money. They already manage over 200,000 mobile services and hundreds of millions of telco spend on the platform across ANZ.

John Bilson, CTO for Possability Group, commented “I am delighted with the visibility that the Bluewater platform is providing me on our telecom expenses & devices. We have been able to quickly identify and remediate services that exceeded budget expectations, for example inappropriate use of roaming. We are at the beginning of an exciting journey with Bluewater and expect to derive significant efficiencies, prevent further wastage and deliver improved governance over the life cycle of our telecom services.”

If you would like to know more about the Bluewater platform, then please take a look at their short video here:

For any further information, please contact the friendly sales team at Intuit Technologies, on 1300 468 848.