Why Choose Us?

Why choose Intuit Technologies?

Our team? Experienced. Knowledgeable. Responsive. Accessible. Creative.

Our solutions? Agile. Reliable. Transformative. Holistic. Efficient. Flexible. Scalable.


When you choose Intuit Technologies you’re choosing an established company that has been in business for over 20 years and with a team of over 150 strong. You’re saying yes to our breadth of knowledge across a variety of industries and a team with the ability to analyse technology requirements across your business and make recommendations to achieve the outcomes you desire.

When you choose Intuit Technologies you’re embracing:

A holistic solutions provider

We provide end-to-end ICT strategy and services for your organisation.

Divergent thinking

Creative thinking and experience enables us to develop new and original solutions.

End-to-end expertise

Unlike others, we have the specialist knowledge needed to advise on ICT issues across the board.

A wealth of knowledge

Over 20 years of experience means we know what works.

A connected partner

We have access to all the software, hardware and advice you need.

Independent advice

Our unbiased advice ensures you get the ICT solution that best suits you.

The leading-edge

Our solutions are reliable, agile and scalable to give you a competitive edge.

Our pragmatic approach

We don’t use jargon for jargon’s sake. We believe in being straightforward and transparent.

Exceptional client service and communication

Our perceptive team can identify your true tech needs and will go above and beyond to deliver.

How can we help you?

  • Consulting icon


    Our consultancy services are more than just your standard ICT. At Intuit Technologies our consulting process evaluates and treats your business as a whole, looking at how each element in your ICT ecosystem can impact your overall operations.

  • Management Services icon


    Our procurement services are a cut above the rest. Our enterprise scale and vast vendor network, combined with our extensive knowledge across all areas of ICT, means we are your ideal end-to-end partner.

  • Project Management icon

    Project services

    Intuit Technologies is the only partner you need when coordinating business projects or devising specific programs of work.

  • Managed Services

    Managed services

    Our managed services can take care of your ICT infrastructure, giving you peace of mind about your systems, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

  • Resourcing icon


    With Intuit Technologies you can find the right person to help you meet your ongoing technology needs. Whether it’s a specific short-term role, or a long-term project requirement, we can help.

We’re different from the rest

We don’t review parts of your business in isolation. We evaluate and treat your business as a complete entity because whilst your business isn’t all about technology, technology impacts all your business.

When you choose us, you’re agreeing to work with an ICT provider that is a divergent thinker.

We will go above and beyond to ensure you get the innovative and contemporary ICT infrastructure your business needs to thrive.

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