Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for Intuit Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 104 443 352 trading as ‘Intuit Technologies’ and its related bodies corporate (hereinafter “Intuit Technologies”, “we” or “us”).


This policy describes how we will handle your personal information with the obligations set out by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the “Privacy Act”), and Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act, the Australian Privacy Principles (the “Privacy Principles”).


1) Your information and how we use it

The collection of personal information is necessary for some of the services we provide. If we do not collect your personal information, we may not be able to deal with you. We also collect your personal information if the law requires us to collect it.


1.1 What personal information do you collect about me?

We may collect the following types of Personal Information about you:


  • name
  • mailing or street address
  • email address
  • telephone/fax number
  • date of birth and/or age
  • payment details (such as credit/debit card number and expiry date) provided in connection with the purchase of our products and services
  • information you provide to us via customer surveys or in telephone conversations with us from time to time.


1.2 How do you collect information about me?

We will try to collect Personal Information directly from you. We may collect Personal Information from you in various ways, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • directly when you provide your details to us;
  • indirectly through emails, forms, mail, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, interviews, attendance at our offices; and
  • when you complete an application for credit.


We may also collect Personal Information about you from third parties when it is not reasonable or practicable for us to collect the information from you personally. We may collect Personal Information from third parties including:

  • a referee, or an employer; and
  • Credit Reporting Bodies.


1.3 Who do you disclose my personal information to?

We may disclose your Personal Information to:

  • our employees, related bodies corporate, contractors and professional advisors such as accountants, solicitors, business advisors and consultants for the purposes of operation of our business;
  • Government bodies, agencies, regulatory bodies, or any other entity where we are required and authorised by law to disclose; and
  • any entity for any authorised purpose or with your express consent.


1.4 Our Website

The internet is inherently insecure, and we cannot provide any assurance regarding the security of information that you send us online. We cannot guarantee that the information you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted over the internet. While we encourage you to use up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software, the information that you send to us through our website is sent at your own risk.


On our website, we may log certain computer information and use cookies. The data collection we do through our website may tell us your IP address, the time you accessed our website, and the type of Internet browser you used.


Cookies are pieces of information a website can send to your computer’s browser for record-keeping purposes. We use cookies so we know which web pages you have visited, and how often. We do this to make our websites more user friendly, and to give you a better website experience when you return to our website. We may also use cookies to help target advertising to you that we think you may be interested in.


Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Cookies can be disabled or deleted from your browser if you so choose. You can find information specific to your browser under the “help” menu.


Other data we collect is for the purposes of monitoring the amount of traffic our website receives and visitor demographics to our website.


2) How you can access or correct your information.

If you would like to request access to, or correction of your personal information we hold about you, please contact us or our privacy officer using the details contained within this policy.


Subject to some exceptions under the Privacy Legislation, we will usually provide you with access to the information we hold about you, including for the purpose of correcting or updating that information. We will not charge you to update your information, but we may charge you reasonable administrative costs of supplying you with access to this information, for example, the cost of mailing the information to you.


We will provide you with access to your information within a reasonable time. If we do not agree to correct, or grant you access to your personal information, we will tell you why.


3) How do I resolve an issue?

If you have a concern about your privacy or have any query on how your personal information is collected or used, please contact our privacy officer (details below). We encourage anyone with questions or complaints about how we’ve handled their personal information to contact us in the first instance. We will always treat your complaint or questions with confidence.


If you are not happy about how we’ve handled your complaint, you may also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (for more information, please see


4) Credit Reporting

We may provide Commercial Credit to you. Before we provide you with credit, we may conduct a credit check on you, any joint account holders, and any directors, partners or authorised representatives.


The following sections will apply if you are an individual, including if you are guaranteeing an application for credit as an individual.


4.1 What Credit-Related Information do you collect?

Credit-Related Information includes:

  • identification information;
  • basic information about your previous credit history (i.e. when any credit accounts were opened, any repayments you missed or made late, bankruptcy history).
  • information such as bankruptcy and credit-related court judgements; and
  • details of any credit provided to you by other Credit Providers.


 4.2 How do you use and disclose my Credit-Related Information

We may disclose Credit Related Information (including some Personal Information) to Credit Reporting Bodies in connection with your application for credit. We may disclose your information to the following Credit Reporting Bodies:


Tasmanian Collection Services
Telephone: 03 62135511


Dunn and Bradstreet Pty Ltd
Telephone: 1300 734 806


Credit Reporting Bodies may provide us with reports which contain information relating to your dealings with other Credit Providers (for example, banks, financial institutions, or other organizations that may provide you with credit in connection with their products or services).


Credit Reporting Bodies may also include your Personal Information in reports that they provide to other credit providers to assist them to assess your credit worthiness.


The Credit Reporting Bodies listed above have their own policies which explain how they manage your Credit-Related personal information. Please refer to their website for their policies.


Our use and disclosure of your Credit-Related Information is regulated by Part IIIA of the Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. We will only use or disclose such information for purposes permitted by these laws. These purposes include:

  • assessing your suitability for credit;
  • assisting you to avoid defaults;
  • collecting amounts you may owe us in relation to credit we have provided, and dealing with serious credit infringements;
  • assigning our debts;
  • participating in the credit-reporting system, by disclosing information to other Credit Providers who are considering providing you with credit; and
  • dealing with complaints or regulatory matters relating to credit or credit reporting.


We may also have obligations to collect your Credit-Related Information under statutes including, but not limited to, the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (Cth) 2006.


4.3 How do I access or correct my credit information?

You may access, or correct any Credit-Related Information we hold about you in the same way that you may access or correct your Personal Information, as detailed in this policy. We may be required to consult with other Credit Providers or Credit Reporting Bodies in relation to your request.


We may independently decide to correct your Credit-Related Information if we believe that it has become inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete or misleading. We will take reasonable steps to notify that correction to you, and any other entities to which we have previously disclosed your Credit-Related Information.


4.4 How do I resolve an issue with my Credit-Related information?

If you have any issue with how we have handled your Credit-Related Information, we encourage you to contact us in the first instance. You may also submit a complaint with the Australian Information Commissioner (as above).

You may also lodge a complaint with the Credit Ombudsman Service ( The Credit Ombudsman is an independent external dispute resolution provider that can also deal with complaints relating to Credit Related Information.


5) Who do I contact?


If you wish to access or correct your information, submit a complaint, or have any questions about this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer:

Intuit Technologies Privacy Officer
Pieter Kolkert 03 62815600
39 Sandy Bay Road, Hobart, TAS 7000


Last Updated: 30th June 2016